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How to Calculate Frames Per Second
Frames per second, often referred to as FPS or frame rate, refers to how many times per second the image on a monitor is updated. The more frames per second -- up to the refresh rate of a monitor -- the smoother animation will appear. On computers, this... More »
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Frame rate is the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images called frames are displayed in ... At 24 fps the film travels through the projector at a rate of 456 millimetres (18.0 in) per second. This allowed for simple two-blade shutters to give a ...


When a film is recorded at 25 frames per second, each frame has an exposure time of up to 40 milliseconds (1/25 seconds). All the changes in the scene over ...

Oct 30, 2014 ... Now that YouTube has allowed 60 fps, I thought I'd make a quite comparison video. You have to watch in HD on a computer. I think only ...


Reading camera specifications and wondering what FPS or frames per second means? We've got all the answers in our beginners photography glossary!


The limit of human perception: There is no reason to show more frames per second than the viewer can perceive. The exact limit of human motion perception is ...


Jul 18, 2013 ... Since 1927, the standard frame rate for film has been 24 fps (frames per second). For TV the standard is 30 fps for NTSC (National Television ...


Currently, there are three main FPS standards (plus a few others) used in TV and movie making: 24p, 25p and 30p (The "p" stands for frame progressive).


Frames per Second (FPS) is a measure of how motion video is displayed. The term applies equally to film video and digital video. Each frame is a still image.


Jan 14, 2015 ... FPS and refresh rate are related, but they're not exactly the same. It all ties back to an old projectionist trick. To help minimize the jitteriness of ...