How to Read a Tarot for Free
Tarot cards have been used for hundreds of years as a self-discovery or divination tool. The deck consists of 78 illustrated cards that are divided into the major arcana, 22 cards, and minor arcana, four suits of 14 cards each. According to professional... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy

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Popular Q&A
Q: A possible free tarot reading?
A: free computer-generated tarot readings can be found at the following website: Source(s) Read More »
Q: Free tarot reading?
A: its probably quite hard to get a good reading person would be better.... to the guy who says its from Satan...get lost...this question was not what ... Read More »
Q: Online free tarot reading?
A: Not if you want a real one! Get it done in person, it is much better and worth the money you have to pay. Read More »
Q: Free tarot readings ?
A: if it's not free it's not worth it. i do occasional tarot readings for friends, and I never charge - in fact, most of the how-to books I've read say that you sh... Read More »
Q: How To Get The Most of Free Tarot Readings
A: Most free tarot readings are computer generated – that is, a computer program randomly chooses which images to display on your screen. Usually, a neutral interp... Read More »