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28 (number)


28 (twenty-eight) is the natural number following 27 and preceding 29. Contents. [hide] .... sema ritual is called the "Devri kebir", meaning the "Big Circle" and is a reference ...

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Is 28 your lucky number or birthday? Or is it just a number that's been on your mind? If so read these facts about this special number.

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Aug 16, 2013 ... Twenty-eight is a whole number with plenty of interesting and unique mathematical properties. As a small number, it is frequently used in titles ...

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Find 28 interesting facts about 28 Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS ) ... Anyway, just 25 more fun-facts to go for the number 28.

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Aug 31, 2013 ... Magan: 28 Things to Celebrate Number 28. Hi, friends! ... Funny how that happens… ..... Fun facts about Magan + a surprise birthday giveaway!

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If you know a distinctive fact about a number not listed here, please e-mail me. ..... 275 is the number of partitions of 28 in which no part occurs only once.

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Fun facts on numbers (and their strange properties), both mathematical and cultural, .... the string 28 is at position 33 counting from the first digit after the decimal ...

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Jul 21, 2008 ... I'm celebrating birthday number 26 today, so I thought I would see what other ... The Quick 10: 10 Facts About the Number 26 ... Efficient & Fun.

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28 ... and for similar facts about other numbers see Numbers: Facts, Figures ... Number one and number two are always similar so the listener is lulled into ...

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and for similar facts about other numbers see Numbers: Facts, Figures & Fiction. ... The number four on a calculator is made up of four light bars. Many things are ...

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The number 28 (twenty eight). Interesting and fun facts about 28.


Jun 19, 2013 ... More non-math facts about the number 28: In chemistry, 28 is the atomic number of nickel. In biology, the average human menstrual cycles is ...

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Fun facts about the number SEP 27 2001. Fun facts about the number 28: - 28 is a perfect number. - There are 28 digits in one cubit. - It takes the Moon a little ...

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Feb 3, 2009 ... Twenty-eight is the second perfect number. As a perfect number, it is related to the Mersenne prime 7, since 22(23 - 1) = 28. The next perfect ...