List of gangs in the United States

The Federal Bureau of Investigation website in 2014 stated that there were some 33,000 gangs in the United States which they classified as street gangs, ...

A List of Gang, Gangster, or Thug Nicknames - danthemans lm

Dec 13, 2014 ... This article contains a large variety of street names and aliases that have been used by gang members, the mob, and a wide range of other ...

15 Awesome 19th Century Street Gang Names | Mental Floss

Aug 15, 2014 ... You may have heard of the Bowery Boys, a notorious New York street gang of the mid-19th century. But there were plenty of other gangs ...

Denver police navigate guns, street names, victims to quell gang war

Jul 5, 2015 ... Federal and local agents use technology, overwhelming force to stop bloody gang war.

Gangs: Slang, Words, Symbols | Hendon Publishing -

Criminal street gangs in America have been in existence for centuries. ... These names are usually unique, sometimes including the name of the geographic ...

25 Notoriously Dangerous Gangs - List25

Jan 26, 2012 ... With everything from street gangs to international crime syndicates be ready to meet 25 notoriously dangerous gangs.

Street Names Video - Gangland -

Gang members often earn nicknames by their actions or personalities. Gangland profiles some gang members as they explain how they earned their street names.

Nicknames among gang members become more sinister - Collections

Jul 13, 2010 ... Young men tattoo the names to their necks and arms, or ink teardrops ... on the street for so-called "gang call-ins," in which law enforcement ...

13 American Gangs That Are Keeping The FBI Up At Night ...

Jan 15, 2012 ... More than 1.4 million Americans are wearing the colors of more than 33,000 gangs across the country, according to a report by the Federal ...

Los Angeles names top ten gangs | StreetGangs.Com

Feb 10, 2007 ... In 1988, LAPD Lt. Bob Ruchoft said “the Eight-Trey Gangster Crips are considered to be one of the city's most violent street gangs because they ...

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