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Orb (optics)


In photography, an orb is a typically circular artifact on an image, created as a result of flash photography illuminating a mote of dust or other particle. Orbs are ...

The Different Colors of Ghost Orbs and Their Meanings - Paranormal


Includes: • About orbs • Ghost orb colors and what they mean • Use ghost orb information carefully.

Orbs Debunked! - American Hauntings


"Orbs" Debunked! Presented by Troy Taylor, Author of the GHOST HUNTER'S GUIDEBOOK and President of the American Ghost Society. For many years ...

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Jan 31, 2010 ... I decided to conduct a paranormal investigation in my home, here is one result i captured on camera.

Orb Photo Evidence - Ghostcircle


Orbs are a recently new phenomenon that have been captured with the introduction of digital cameras in the 1990's. They were first thought to be malfunctions ...

Ghost Orbs - The Society for Paranormal Investigation


The Great Ghost Orb Debate - Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate the Blob. So just what the hell are orbs anyway? Photographic flaws? Psychic ...

Your Spirit Orbs Sightings - Beliefnet.com


When these "spirit orbs" or "angel orbs" appear near a single person or a group of people in a ... It sounds like to me you may have some ghost, and or spirits.

Orbs - Paranormal Encyclopedia


'Ghosts' have been appearing in photographs almost since George Eastman introduced celluloid film for portable cameras during the 1880s. However, orbs ...

Orbs: The Ghost in the Camera - Skeptoid


Feb 24, 2007 ... Are orbs really ghosts, or a common artifact of photography? by Brian ... of the most bizarre and unexplainable type of ghost photographs: Orbs.

Orbs 101 – What Do Orbs In Your Pictures Mean? by Klaus ...


Jan 12, 2014 ... What are Orbs? Millions of people have been noticing opaque circular features in their flash photographs taken with digital cameras and have ...

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What are Orbs? - The Shadowlands


The orb is the energy being transferred from a source (i.e. powerlines, heat energy, ... I also had ghost footsteps walkup behind me twice and I turned around  ...

What are orbs? - Ghoststudy.com


What are Ghosts... what you need to know! . What are Orbs... Digital and the genuine ones! shadow ghost at the Inn motel lodge. Articles updated September 23, ...

What Are Orbs? - Angels & Ghosts


Orbs are also known as "ghost orbs" or "spirit orbs" and are often thought to be the souls of people. Most orb images, however, are caused by the camera flash, ...