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A hallmark is an official mark or series of marks struck on items made of metal, mostly to certify .... Hallmarks for gold, palladium, platinum and silver from Poland . Official .... stone, treated with acids and the resulting color compared to references.


Hallmarks are small markings stamped on gold, silver and ... article as gold, silver or platinum unless it is hallmarked. Gold ..... (A handy pocket reference book).


Portuguese Hallmark with Deer and .800 Gold Fineness. ... Many of the hallmark and maker's mark reference materials are organized by time period, some ...


When you are looking at a mark and need a name, you can use our search function to ... When you have a name or other information and need a mark you can ...


The forum features discussions on all tyoes of marks on silver and gold. This is ... Silvercollection.it has quite a collection of French maker's mark initial reference.


Jan 4, 2008 ... A simple and easy to understand gold hallmark guide that explains British hallmarks on gold jewellery and how to identify them.


A Basic Guide to Metals Platinum, Gold, & Silver Purity Hallmarks ... This guide is intended to be a helpful reference to determining the POSSIBLE purity of your ...


If you don't know the country of origin of the marks you are researching, the " World Hallmarks" page is probably the best place to start. To view a list of references ...


These descriptions also often make a specific reference to gold fineness, leading ... Other than the silver hallmark or a 925 stamp on underweight items, no other ...


Gold items were marked with similar hallmarks, with a crown or numbers .... in watch cases and the sponsor's marks found in them, an invaluable reference is ...