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Feb 13, 2012 ... This is FAF (Fat A#$ Fish) and LIG (Little Itty Guy)'s first batch of eggs! They have been in a tank together since we got them almost 5 years ago ...

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In outdoor ponds, goldfish will readily breed in captivity. Even in the home aquarium, a particularly well-cared for goldfish may spawn. You need to recognize the ...

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Goldfish are not overly fussy as to where they lay their eggs. One of the easiest ways to have them spawn successfully is to place a floating "spawning mop" into  ...

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A larger fantail goldfish is capable of laying about 1,000 baby eggs in one spawn, but only a fraction of the eggs will survive. The mama fish can release several ...

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Discover how you can start breeding goldfish successfully, learn how to sex goldfish, ... Females can lay up to 1000 eggs, though only a small portion of these  ...



Aug 13, 2014 ... When the koi and goldfish calm down, go try to see some of their eggs. Koi and goldfish eggs should be visible around the shoreline rocks and ...

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Hey guys, just was wondering how many time do Goldfish mate? ... with both the females and my tank stinks up when they do start laying eggs.

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You will need a male and a female goldfish of at least 3 years old, anything younger and they may not breed and might cause the female to become egg bound.

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Get information on how to breed and raise pond goldfish fry. ... The vegetation of the aquatic plants is where the females will lay their eggs when they are ready.

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Do you know how many eggs a female goldfish can lay in a single spawning? ... In order to encourage goldfish to mate and have the female lay eggs, you'll ...

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Creating the right environment for your goldfish, finding fertile mates, encouraging ... When females lay their eggs, they usually anchor them to something solid.

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The female will lay her eggs in batches, the first being the most fertile. In total a female goldfish can lay up to several thousand eggs and more. The male fish will  ...