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Feb 12, 2012 ... My new drill will re-route your swing and get you hitting draws. ... Slicers everywhere need an easy way to feel the correct path and plane.


Obviously, if you can hit a draw, you are not hitting a slice. ... you must take an inside path on the downswing, and impart counter-clockwise spin to your golf ball  ...


Mar 12, 2007 ... An open face is dangerous, but the out-to-in swing path is the far .... William Park Jr.'s The Game of Golf (1896) includes "Slice: To draw the face ...


Jun 29, 2015 ... Our post on The Common Slice helps illustrate this plane to path relationship ... achieving the path of the downswing needed to hit a draw is much easier. ... Start by taking your golf stance with your rear against a wall and ...

Apr 25, 2007 ... Learn how to hit a draw in this new DVD from Bobby Eldridge and PurePoint Golf. ... This shot is so powerful it will fix your slice and let you hit the ball farther than ever before. ... RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction 694,616 views.


Apr 21, 2015 ... Here's the six-step approach he used that fixed my swing flaw, ... Hank Haney fixes my slice in minutes ... Over 40 years of playing golf, I've learned to control it somewhat. ... So the idea of hitting a draw -- on purpose, mind you, not the ... over my head, there's little change I'll get back on the correct plane.


Learn 2 secrets to correcting a golf slice and hitting a draw. ... Inside to outside swing path resulting in a draw ball flight; More lag and better contact resulting in ...


Is the golf ball far forward in your stance (closer toward the target) or is it too far ... If you have a chronic slice, you might have an outside-in swing path: while in the ... The fix: On the takeaway, imagine drawing the clubhead straight back and ...


Stop your over the top golf swing and cure your golf slice shots in just 60 seconds . ... a better swing plane with the great instruction I learnt at the Easy Swing Plane . ... will result in straighter shots and more of a right to left or draw ball flight.


Oct 11, 2016 ... Simply utilize your knowledge of the D-Plane as you swing on a Driver ... (straight , a slight fade, or a slight draw) rather than swinging away without a ... I don't know what I'm doing wrong, the ball always slices to the left and ...