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Glossary of golf


The following is a glossary of the terminology currently used in the sport of golf. Where words in a sentence are also defined elsewhere in this article, they ...

Golf Glossary and Golf Terms | PGA.com


A comprehensive look at golf terms and glossary. Are we missing ... Delayed Hit: A golf term used to describe the Conservation of Angular Momentum. Divot: The ...

Golf Lingo | Golf for Cause - Tempe, AZ


Drained: Slang term for having sunk a putt. Draw: A golf shot in which the ball gradually moves right to left (for a right-handed golfer). Drive: The first shot taken at ...

Disc Golf Terminology - Disc Golf Association


The following list of disc golf terminology is a collection of the basic terms that you will hear out on the course. Learning the following terms will go a long way to ...

Basic Golf Jargon | Golf Terminology | Golf for Beginners | Idiot's ...


Looking for information on golf terminology for beginners? Improve your knowledge on this and find out more about golf with Idiot's Guides.

Meaning of Golf Words - Par, Bogey, Birdie, Eagle, Albatross ...


There is quite a history behind the golfing terms bogey, par, birdie, eagle and ... the 16th Century and a Bogey-man was a widely used term for a goblin or devil.

Golf Dictionary - Over 1,000 Golf Words and Phrases ...


More than 1000 golf terms and phrases that begin with the letters A to Z, The ABC's of Golf by PGA ... term or phrase: (synonyms or variations, if any) definition( s)

Double Eagle : Scoring Terminology used in Golf and Origins


Scoring Terminology used in Golf and Origins. In the world of golf you will find some interesting terms or shot calls. Here is a definition chart to help you ...

Golf Today's A to Z of Golf


Golf Today Golf A-Z - Complete golf reference, history, explanations, records and all you ever wanted to ... Niblick, Old-fashioned Scottish term for nine iron.

Golf Shots Terminology | - Golf-information.info


Apr 14, 2015 ... Terminology, slang and colloquialisms to designate the different golf shots.

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Golf Terms - Waggle.com


Ever wonder what all those golf terms mean? Check out our glossary of golf terminology and soon you'll be talking like a pro.

Golf Terms - Glossary of golf terms from A to Z - Golf Europe


Dictionary of golf terms from A to Z. Easy or obscure terms? This guide will explain them all!

Basic Golf Terms Every Golfer Should Know - Best Golf Tips


Understanding Golf Terms Is Vital If You Aspire To Become An Advanced Golfer And ... You Should Have A Good Grasp On The Basic Terminology Of The Game.