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I know I'm patting hard enough after asking for help from several old-hat baby burping experts…by which I mean his grandmas and aunties. I wouldn't fret, being ...


My little guy lately has been hard to burp after eating. He often falls asleep while eating and I try to burp him, but especially during the night, ...


Aug 23, 2013 ... There are many different ways to get your baby to burp. Learn the different approaches to take when burping baby and how to get them to burp ...


Our baby burping primer answers these questions and explains what causes gas in ... wet, or bored, so it can be hard to know if crying is due to gas discomfort.


Jun 28, 2009 ... The fact is, there are many babies that are extremely hard to burp, and ... The reason it is important to help your baby burp after being fed is that ...


Feeding a newborn can be an exciting but intimidating experience. A new mom shares her experience exploring different baby burping positions.


Jun 7, 2012 ... Since my milk came in I am having a hard time getting him to burp and then later he spits up some of the milk, it isn't a lot but probably half a ...

Jan 24, 2009 ... Stick with the video.....she does end up burping using this technique......not found in any baby book!!!!!!!! Starring: Grandma Jean and Lily.


The "howtos" out there don't really show you how hard to pat the baby ... Here's something that might help you to feel more comfortable. Rest and ...

Dec 18, 2012 ... worked amazing. my newborn is so hard to burp! and i did two rotations and got the biggest burp ive ever gotten out of him!! absolute life saver.