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A gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal which, in cut and polished form, is used to make ... more valuable than a mid-quality emerald. Another unscientific term for semi-precious gemstones used in ...

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Apr 7, 2009 ... The earliest gemstones include amber, turquoise, coral, lapis lazuli and malachite. These materials were easy to find and easy to work.

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When I began writing A Rumor of Gems, I tried to use only those beliefs that seemed ... properties of precious stones goes back beyond recorded history.

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Gemstones have been known and valued throughout history. Many have been associated with symbolic ...

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Even in antiquity as men gazed at the shapes of crystals, whose origins they could not begin to understand or explain, it is not surprising that it was thought that ...

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Gemstones are so fascinating! Their colors, properties, myths, and legends are diverse and fascinating. Folklore about stones has been revered and honored for  ...

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While many universities may offer a course or two on gemstones and gemology, GIA's primary purpose is to provide an authoritative, complete, and reliable ...

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Although no longer in use medicinally, gemstones continued to hold meaning. Until recently, jet was popularly ...

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History and Mystery of Gemstones. Gemstones have captivated people for millennia, and they figure into the legends and lore of just about every culture around ...

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The faceted gems of today are incredible optical performers. It has always been that way. For example, the marvelous translucency and transparency of the ...