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High-heeled footwear


High-heeled footwear is footwear that raises the heel of the wearer's foot significantly higher than the toes. When both the heel and the ...

The history of high heels — from Venice prostitutes to stilettos | New ...


Jan 25, 2015 ... I don't know who invented the high heel,” said Marilyn Monroe, “but women owe him a lot.” Well, Marilyn, there are a lot of people to thank.

​Stepping out: A history of high heels - CBS News


Feb 22, 2015 ... A look at the fashion accessory that has come to symbolize sexuality and power, though it wasn't women who first wore them.

Why did men stop wearing high heels? - BBC News


Jan 25, 2013 ... Beautiful, provocative, sexy - high heels may be all these things and more ... When it comes to history's most notable shoe collectors, the Imelda ...

History In High Heels


A lifestyle/fashion/travel blog dedicated to proving that women can be stylish & interested in fashion without sacrificing their academic legitimacy.

The history of the high heel – and what it says about women today ...


Jun 28, 2015 ... Little surprise then, that throughout its 500-year history, few articles of clothing have been more polarizing — and powerful — than the high heel ...

The gender-bending history of the high heel. - Slate


Jun 19, 2014 ... Roman Mars' podcast 99% Invisible covers design questions large and small, from his fascination with rebar to the history of slot machines to ...

The Ancient Origins of High Heels – Once an Essential Accessory ...


Nov 15, 2014 ... High heel shoes are today a form of footwear worn almost exclusively by women. Yet, the history of high heels shows us that this was not ...

Origins of high heels - History of High Heels


Nov 9, 2012 ... Heeled shoes were worn by both men and women, and most commonly for ceremonial purposes. However, high heels also served a practical ...

Where Did High Heels Come From? | Mental Floss


Feb 4, 2013 ... High heels, though a staple of nearly every woman's closet these days, ... has been part of men's and women's choices through out history.

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The Male-Dominated, Power-Hungry History of High Heels - Racked


Feb 3, 2015 ... At a restaurant a few weeks ago, I heard a woman remark that high heels were designed by men to stop women from running away from them.

From Manly to Sexy: The History of the High Heel - Sociological ...


Feb 5, 2013 ... Cross-posted at The Huffington Post. Why do women wear high heels? Because men did. Men were the first sex to don the shoe. They were ...

Micar Presents - The History of High Heels.


Introduction. The history of high heels dates back many centuries. The first stiletto heels are dated as early as 1000 BC. There are many interesting facts on the ...