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Morinda citrifolia


Morinda citrifolia is a tree in the coffee family, Rubiaceae. Its native range extends through Southeast Asia and Australasia, and the species is now cultivated throughout the tropics and widely nat...

The History of Noni - Traditional and Medicinal Uses


Noni is a fruit that has been around for nearly 2000-3000 years. noni, or Indian ... The history of noni tells us about the more widely known traditional uses and ...

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May 21, 2009 ... This excerpt from the Tahitian Noni International film "Origins and Destiny" explains how the Morinda Citrfolia plant - noni - was brought to the ...

History and Tradition Of Morinda Citrifolia


in Samoa and Tonga, NONO in Raratonga and Tahiti, and NONI in the Marquesas Islands and Hawaii. The fruit of the Morinda Citrifolia was an important source ...

Noni Fruit - Tahitian Noni Juice


Historical uses of noni fruit, Morinda citrifolia by polynesians. Important facts about the noni fruit and noni photos.

Noni Fruit: What Is It? | Noni Health - 100% Pure Organic Noni Juice


Noni was first discovered and used by man long before recorded history in South Asia and the subcontinent, when ancient Indian scientists began examining the ...

Food Science - Noni - Wikispaces


In Malaysia, noni leaves are commonly used for wrapping raw fish to cook in a similar way that roast ... The fruit juices have a long history of medicinal uses.

NONI Juice Information, Research and Facts


Noni and Noni Juice History and Uses. Morinda Citrifolia Indian Mulberry, Mengkudu (Malay), Nonu/Nono (Pacific Islands), Noni (Tahitian). Noni fruit and ...

The History of Noni's “Discovery”


Oct 27, 2015 ... We talk a lot about the ancient Polynesians and how they used raw noni fruit, internally and externally, to maintain good health and heal a ...

History of Noni - Noni Research


Traditional Uses: Polynesians picked the noni fruit before it was ripe, and place it in a jar in the direct sunlight. When fully ripe, the noni fruit was mashed into a ...

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Learn about Noni fruit Plant Morinda Citrifolia - Tahitian Noni® Juice


Morinda Citrifolia plant flourishes in the island of French Polynesia known as Tahiti. ... History of Noni ... The Wonderful Plant Noni (Morinda Citrifolia).

History of Noni Fruit Juice | How Noni Arrived in Hawaii


Morinda citrifolia or as the Hawaiians named it, Noni, made it's way from Tahiti 1600 years ago with the early Polynesian setters who brought it in their canoes for ...

Noni juice benefits | Noni History | Noni | Apollo Noni Juice


Noni History. As far as research tells us, the history of noni is rich and varied. Noni is a fruit that has been around for nearly 2000-3000 years. noni, or Indian ...