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Paul Cézanne was a French artist and Post-Impressionist painter whose work laid the foundations of the transition from the 19th-century conception of artistic ... More »


Jun 29, 2014 ... Post-Impressionist French painter Paul Cézanne is best known for his incredibly varied ... Learn more about his life and career at Biography.com.


Artworks and analysis: Paul Cézanne paved the way for the emergence of modern art, both visually and conceptually and provided the links between ...


Paul Cezanne - Biography. The complete works, large resolution images, ecard, rating, slideshow and more! One of the largest Paul Cezanne resource on the ...


Paul Cézanne. French artist. Written By: René Huyghe. Last Updated: 4-11-2013 See Article History. Paul Cezanne. French artist. Paul Cezanne. born. January ...


One of the most influential artists in the history of twentieth-century painting, Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) has inspired generations of modern artists. Generally ...


Self-Portrait with a Pink Background c. 1875. Paul Cézanne was born in the southern French town of Aix-en-Provence on January 19, 1839. A leading figure in ...


Paul Cézanne, Still Life with Apples, 1895-98, oil on canvas, 68.6 x 92.7 cm (The Museum of Modern Art, ... Biography of the artist from Grove Art on MoMA.org.


Paul Cézanne was a nineteenth century artist whose work was misunderstood by his contemporaries. ... Paul Cézanne's modern style and technique was avant- garde and therefore misunderstood for many years. ..... Cezanne: A Biography.


The French painter Paul Cézanne was one of the most important figures in the development of modern painting, in particular abstract art and cubism, a.