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Plaster of Paris History
Variations on plaster of Paris have been used for millenia in construction, medicine and art. It is used a finish on walls and ceilings and also for mold making and sculpture. Until the mid-20th century it was used to set broken bones. The existence and... More »
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Orthopedic cast - Wikipedia


An orthopedic cast, body cast, plaster cast, or surgical cast, is a shell, frequently made from ... Plaster of Paris is calcined gypsum (roasted gypsum), ground to a fine ... 1 History. 1.1 Introduc...

Plaster of Paris: Past, present and future


History. The name Plaster of Paris (POP) had its origins from the fact that it was extensively mined from Montmartre in Paris district.

A Short History of Plaster Casts | Cornell Collection of Antiquities


Since antiquity, plaster has been used to replicate art works, in particular sculptures ... Drawing class in the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture, Paris ...

Why is the plaster of Paris called so? | Sunday Times News - Times ...


Dec 16, 2007 ... It wasn't used on a large scale until 1700s, when it was required to be used in all construction in Paris and hence, the name.

The history of plaster-of-paris in the treatment of fractures


limb, after the bones are put in their places, in a case of plaster-of-Paris (or gypsum) which takes exactly the form of the limb, without any pressure, and in a few ...

Plaster of Paris History | eHow


Plaster of Paris History. Variations on plaster of Paris have been used for millenia in construction, medicine and art. It is used a finish on walls and ceilings and ...

History of the Cast - Hankering for History


Jul 19, 2012 ... Plaster casts, constructed from gypsum plaster (plaster of Paris), would be used by hospitals in the early 1800's, but its first use was not very ...

What is the origin of the term 'Plaster Of Paris'? Was it invented in ...


Plaster of Paris is called so because it's properties of quickly setting in shape of mould were first discovered in Paris. It also expands a little during the setting ...

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Plaster of Paris definition, calcined gypsum in white, powdery form, used as a base for gypsum plasters, as an ... Word Origin and History for plaster of Paris