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Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum longer than infrared light. Radio waves have frequencies ... More »

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Early on after their discovery, radio waves were referred to as ... University Museum of Natural History on August 14, 1894.

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electric waves wirelessly. Although Hertz originally thought his work had no practical use, today it is recognized as the fundamental building block of radio and ...

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Radio Waves: A History, and Communication, Amplitude Modification (AM) and Frequency Modulation (FM). Edited by Jamie (ScienceAid Editor), Taylor ...

Radio Waves: A History, and Communication ... - ScienceAid


The first modern forms of long-distance communication were telegraph and later telephone. These used vast networks of wires to send information. Towards the ...

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Sep 28, 2015 ... Radio Waves Hazard Symbol. When electrons move in a wire—that is, when there is an electric current in the wire—electric and magnetic fields ...

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Discovering radio waves (1864) : an amazing piece of maths. The story of ... Marconi's first wireless signal (1893) : three dots that made history. In June 1896 a ...

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1888: Heinrich Hertz detects and produces radio waves. 1894: Marchese Guglielmo Marconi builds his first radio equipment, a device that will ring a bell from 30 ...

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Find out more about the history of Guglielmo Marconi, including videos, interesting ... Many physicists argued that radio waves traveled in straight lines, making it ...

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During 1860s, James Maxwell, a Scottish physicist forecasted presence of radio waves. And in year 1886, Heinrich Hertz showcased projection of swift variation ...