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The Realist movement began in the mid-19th century as a reaction to Romanticism and History painting. In favor of depictions of 'real' life, the Realist painters ...

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The Realist movement in French art flourished from about 1840 until the late ... the leading proponent of Realism by challenging the primacy of history painting,  ...

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Introduction to the Artistic Style of Realism By Realism emerged in the art world in the 19th century in Europe. Artists moved away from the Age of ...

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Results 1 - 50 of 65 ... Realism Realism is a literary movement that attempts to describe life without idealization or romantic subjectivity. Although realism cannot be ...

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Realism in Painting (1850-1970): Style of Naturalism Practiced by Painters like Gustave Courbet, Honore Daumier, Ilya Repin, Thomas Eakins.

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The leader of artistic realism was the French painter Gustave Courbet (1819- 1877). Its advent revolutionized the history of art, leading to impressionism.

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Then, he set himself up as the leader for a new art: Realism—“history painting” about real life. He believed that if he could not see something, he should not paint ...

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Aug 14, 2007 ... American Literary History: Romanticism, Realism and Naturalism ... Realism 1861- 1914 (American Realism 1865-1890): An artistic movement ...

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Learn the Realist period of art history with Grolier Online and Scholastic ART.

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Realism: List of artists and index to where their art can be viewed at art museums worldwide.

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