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Saint Christopher


Saint Christopher is venerated by several Christian denominations as a martyr killed in the reign of the 3rd-century ...

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Saint Christopher is one of the most popular, yet most enigmatic Catholic figures. He is considered a saint, although he is not in the official canon of the saints.

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Saint Christopher | Catholic Patron Saint of Travel Safety.

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Although St. Christopher is one of the most popular saints in the East and in the ... history of sacred pictures, "De picturis et imaginibus sacris" (Louvain, 1570).

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It was in the far east, in these days of long ago, that the lad was born who became St. Christopher. In his boyhood he was named Offero, the Bearer, for already ...

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Patron saint of travelers and, in the 20th century, of motorists, one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. ... Read; View History; Edit; Feedback ... Saint Christopher, ( flourished 3rd century; Western feast day July 25; Eastern feast day May 9) patron ...

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Saint Christopher the patron saint and protector of travelers.

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St. Christopher is still recognized as a saint, though his feast day no longer ... the rich tapestry and history of the Catholic Church -- from devotions to doctrines.

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Saint Christopher was a man of great size and strength who devoted himself to Jesus by helping travelers cross a dangerous river. One day a child asked to ride  ...

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The historical facts of St. Christopher have been lost over time. This means that what is known of him is what has been preserved by writers who documented the  ...

Saint Kitts
Saint Kitts, also known more formally as Saint Christopher Island, is an island in the West Indies. The west side of the island borders the Caribbean Sea, and the ... More »
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History. St. Christopher is known as the patron saint of travelers. Legend has it that he was a giant of a man, at 7 ½ feet tall with a fearsome face. He is described  ...

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The St. Christopher story and about Saint Christopher the mariner. Information about Saint Christopher who is the patron saint of travel. St Christopher, meaning  ...

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History. Little is known about the life of St. Christopher, and it is uncertain whether the information we have is correct. St. Christopher was supposedly born to a ...