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The Hopewell tradition describes the common aspects of the Native American culture that flourished along rivers in the northeastern and ...


Effigy of a hawk claw cut from sheet mica, Ohio Hopewell culture, 100 BC-500 AD . Excavated from Hopewell Mound Group, Ross County, Ohio ca. 1922-1925.


(Ohio Historical Society). The Hopewell culture participated in long-distance trading networks, acquiring copper from the upper Great Lakes, mica from the ...


Hopewell culture. North American Indian culture. Written By: The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica. See Article History. Alternative Title: Mound Builders.


When they buried honored people in the mounds, the Hopewell included items that tell ... Hopewell Culture National Historical Park in Ohio offers a visitor center  ...


Jul 29, 2017 ... Learn about the historic and prehistoric history of this incredible park. Over 2,000 years of history await you at Hopewell Culture NHP.


Feb 21, 2000 ... While there is some disagreement about its exact origins, there can be ... And like the Adena "culture," Hopewell should not be conceived of as ...


Hopewell has no single point of origin, being drawn from diverse cultural ... in and under burial mounds, and unmounded structures connected with burial rites.


Feb 12, 2011 ... This is even the case in the communities in the heart, and origin of the Hopewell culture. Timothy R Pauketat, a North-Eastern archaeologist ...