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Yet they are often touted as fish attractants, which they definitely are not. Even when small droplets are released from an oily attractant, the droplets merely rise  ... Fish Attractant&v=PzW2tCXNBcY
Dec 5, 2012 ... You assume that fish interpret scents the same way humans do. .... Making Homemade Injection Molds For Soft Plastic Worm Fishing Lures ... Fish Attractant&v=z4qgSSNhzBw
Jan 23, 2013 ... Here is a quick clip showing how we make our artificial fish attractants. Fish Attractant&v=n6hC-ouFEz0
Oct 21, 2012 ... Homemade Fish Attractant ... Do Scent attractants work? Lets find out. ... Best Ever #Fishing Lure Scent - Berkly Gulp alive fish tip of the day.
Most tackle shops that I've been to have a variety of Attractants and Scents, and they cost the angler anywhere from $1.99 up to $10.00, and when an angler "Douses the Bait" several times, he or she is ready for another bottle, and that can get expensive after awhile. ... More »
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Homemade fish attractant -

Has anyone ever made there own fish attractant that wouldn't mind telling there recipe? I've used Olive oil, craw fish tails, and garlic salt for ...

Homemade Fish Attractant With Garlic (with Pictures) - eHow

Homemade Fish Attractant With Garlic. Although the process of making homemade fish attractant is a relatively easy one, you can easily tweak it in many  ...

Homey makes fish getter scents - World Fishing Network

Apr 12, 2011 ... Okay, this one is just a quickie for everyone out there that likes to use scents; I played around quite a bit and began to find a few homemade ...

Raising A Stink With Homemade Bait Scent/Attractant - wdstk 3 ...

Apr 1, 2010 ... Raising A Stink With Homemade Bait Scent/Attractant. While trappers and hunters have used various scents for years to mask human odor and ...

how do you make homemade trout/bass attractant? | Yahoo Answers

Mar 5, 2009 ... Best Answer: Anise and garlic are both very effective fish attractants. Garlic will work best in freshwater. It will attract trout very well. Raw garlic ...

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