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The Hopewell tradition (also called the Hopewell culture) describes the common ... others to agree with them on important matters such as trade and religion. ... Great geometric earthworks are one o...

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Get information, facts, and pictures about Hopewell at Encyclopedia.com. ... Religion was dominated by shamanic practices that included tobacco smoking. ... See alsoArchaeology and Prehistory of North America ; Indian Mounds . Cite this  ...

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During his captivity among the Indians in Ohio, James Smith found that Indians differed a great deal in their religious beliefs. Even members of the same group ...

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Jun 17, 2015 ... Effigy of a hawk claw cut from sheet mica, Ohio Hopewell culture, 100 BC-500 AD . ... a new Native American culture developed that spread throughout the ... were used for a multitude of ceremonies such as religious practices ...

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Jul 8, 2010 ... In addition to mortuary ceremonies, they were probably also used for other ... Rather, Hopewell as probably one of the first Pan-Indian religious ...

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This has caused some archaeologists to view Hopewell as a religious cult that ... 160 years, the Hopewell culture has been described as a non-Indian "super ...

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The Hopewell culture, from what is today Hopewell, Ohio, arose as a result of ... As a result of their extensive trade routes, Hopewellian beliefs and values were ... Most of their works had some religious significance, and their graves were filled ...

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Jan 17, 2013 ... The title caught my eye because it suggested that the book would explain the Hopewell religion to some degree, and it would also explain how ...

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Agriculture: Adena and Hopewell societies were highly organized farming ... Religion and Culture: The American Indians on the northwest coast (Kwakiutl and  ...

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Feb 21, 2000 ... These sites were obviously the foci of important religious, political, and ... shared Ohio Hopewell burial customs (and the attendant ritual and religious ideology) ... One of the most celebrated examples of the Native American ...

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Q: What were the religious beliefs of the Hopewell Indians?
A: During his captivity among the Indians in Ohio, James Smith found that Indians differed a great deal in their religious beliefs. Even members of the same group ... Read More »
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Q: What are the religious beliefs of Omaha Indians?
A: The Omaha tribe reveres a Sacred Pole, made of cottonwood, which has been with them since before their migration to the Missouri. They revere the pole as if it ... Read More »
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Q: What was the Chippewa Indians religious beliefs.
A: The Chippewa Indians were a very spiritual culture, believing in the god Manitou. They believed that after someone died, the spirit went west and reached a land... Read More »
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Q: What was Woodland Indians religious beliefs.
A: Well for starters they were pagan. which is the belief in nature spirits. they had no ceremonial things as far as i know. Read More »
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