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Hopewell tradition


Preceded by. Adena culture, Ohio Hopewell 200 BCE-500 CE, Succeeded by. Fort Ancient ...

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Jun 17, 2015 ... Effigy of a hawk claw cut from sheet mica, Ohio Hopewell culture, 100 BC-500 AD . Excavated from Hopewell Mound Group, Ross County, Ohio ...

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The Hopewell culture flourished in Ohio and other parts of eastern North America during the Middle Woodland Period, possibly as early as 100 B.C. We do not ...

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Jun 22, 2006 ... Lisa A. Mills conducted a study of ancient DNA recovered from human remains from mounds at the Hopewell site, Ross County, Ohio.

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Hopewell culture, notable ancient Indian culture of the east-central area of North ... The name is derived from the Hopewell farm in Ross county, Ohio, where the ...

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Feb 21, 2000 ... The most spectacular burial mounds come from the Ohio Valley. For example, at the typesite of Hopewell, a mound complex near Chillicothe, ...

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Hopewell Mound in Ohio. About 200 BC, people living in the Northeast and Midwest (from modern New York to Missouri and from Wisconsin to Mississippi) ...

Hopewell peoples


However, the most sophisticated Hopewell settlements and the largest burial mounds were in Ohio and Illinois. When they buried honored people in the mounds ...

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Hopewell Indian Mounds located near Chillicothe Ohio. Hopewell Indian Mounds at Mound City in Chillicothe is home to the Hopewell Culture National ...

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Earthen mounds and embankments forming huge geometric enclosures grace the landscape of the Ohio River Valley. These monumental structures were built ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Why did the Hopewell Indians leave Ohio?
A: It is not know why they left Ohio. It is actuly more belived that hey were wiped out by disease, warfare, famine, or a combination of two or three of them. It's... Read More »
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Q: Did the Adena Indians or the Hopewell Indians arrive in Ohio firs...
A: The Adena came first then the Hopewell came after. Read More »
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Q: Who were the Hopewell Indians.
A: the hopwell indians are indians found by samuel katz. Read More »
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Q: What is the timeline for the hopewell Indians.
A: Well.They lived between 200B.C.-500A.D. But that's all I know. :(. Read More »
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Q: What Are Some Facts About the Adena & the Hopewell Indians?
A: The Adena and Hopewell Indians were both part of the Woodland culture that lived in Southwestern Ohio. The Hopewell followed the Adena historically, and their c... Read More »
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