"Bestseller" books aren't associated with a specific number of sales, and bestseller lists can have very different (and sometimes arbitrary) parameters.
The Book Sense bestseller lists, for example, use sales numbers from independent bookstores, while the New York Times uses both wholesale and retail sales records from many sources. Amazon.com compiles its lists solely from its own sales records.
How to Determine the Bestseller Books
Many book jackets and covers claim to be bestsellers, but there are many definitions and associations with the term. Simply calling a book a bestseller does not make it one. There are many official and carefully computed lists that regularly report... More »
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Q: How to Determine the Bestseller Books.
A: 1. Visit standard bestseller lists in newspapers like The New York Times, USA Today or Book Sense. These lists represent what is currently selling and how well ... Read More »
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Q: How are "Bestsellers" determined?
A: Bestsellers are determined by the number of copies sold through the CrossBooks Bookstore over the past month, approximately (retail channel sales and direct sal... Read More »
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Q: How are the titles on the bestseller lists determined?
A: Bestseller data is taken directly from Core and represents actual sales transacted through the AS/400. The data is based on number of units sold (not total sale... Read More »
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Q: In India, sales of how many no. of copies would determine if the ...
A: 5000 plus is known to be bestseller Read More »
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