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The 1950s was a decade known for experimentation with new styles and culture. Following ... Even among "rebellious youth" with longer greased hair, carrying a comb ... Cerello's clients later included film celebrities like Elvis Presley and James ..... My Nappy Roots: A Journey Through Black Hair-itage (2008) · Good Hair ...

Nov 4, 2014 ... 1950's Pompadour – James Dean Hairstyle – Elvis Presley Hairstyle - Part 6 ... such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash and actors like James Dean. ... You will also need to be proficient with a vent brush and hairdryer for ...
Jan 11, 2014 ... An attemp to recreate the Elvis pompadour, using Royal Crown Hair Dressing. ... I am focused on the combing and finished style of this man's hair, only. Ivan you perfected .... No matter what I do, I can't style my hair like this.
Aug 15, 2015 ... LOL and my friend i like all your youTube's How to Style a ... Well, you all can just study Elvis' photos of his hair, and then get a pretty good idea ...


The music, style, hairstyle, and even the quiff of cherished rock 'n' roll legend Elvis ... Pop musicians like Johnny Cash and James Dean also liked to wear a quiff ... ear is cut slightly shorter than the rest of the hair using a comb and scissors.


Elvis Presley's songs have withstood the test of time, and so has his hairstyle. ... Comb the hair that falls to the left of the part towards the back of your head.


Learn with this hair tutorial the instructions for the Pompadour hairstyle, ... with the rebels of the '50s, rockabilly music and men like Elvis Presley and Johny Cash. ... The hair should be slicked back with a comb, starting from the back of the top of the ... My name is Rogelio and I am the author of 2 bestselling men's hair books ...


Elvis Presley's hairstyles changed quite dramatically throughout his life. When he first ... Combing the sides of the hair straight back in the direction of the back of the head. The top .... haha my dad used to have that hairstyle. Reply ... ihave hairstlye like that an its away ov life for sme peeps yours rockabilly rebel. Reply.


Jul 30, 2011 ... Step By Step To Get Hairstyle Like Elvis Presley ... When your hair is still wet, flick your comb so that a few dozen hairs hang down in front.


Apr 10, 2009 ... If you want to look like the real Elvis Presley, it's best to start with ... An easy way to do this is to comb your hair straight up and then let it fall back ...