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The following is a glossary of common English language terms used in the description of ... As a rule, this glossary does not contain individual entries on any of the ... (pigeons and doves)—afterfeathers can significantly increase the insulative ... skin, between the pterylae (feather tracts), which are free of contour feathers; ...


Hooks increase the strength of contour feathers because it allowsthem to interlock with each other. The process works similar toVelcro.


In this investigation you will examine bird feathers and eggs. You will also ... How do hooks increase the strength of a contour feather? Part C: Comparing Bid ...


Sep 16, 2011 ... The combination of light weight, strength and shape, as well as ... When you look at the world around you, how do you categorise or group what . ..... The barbules have hooks that lock the barbs together. ... The contour feathers used for flight are known as remiges (wing feathers) and rectrices (tail feathers).


Apr 1, 2003 ... Feathers are complex, designed structures required for flight, and are ... so the feather, the 'masterpiece' of nature, also has enabled birds to do so.8 ... For example, the 'complex morphology' of the flight or contour feather includes a .... by a gradual increase in the size and the protofeather traits of scales.22 ...


These are barbules, and the barbules of adjacent barbs hook together to hold the ... it is preening its feathers, and as you smoothed them, the barbules would hook ... Semiplumes have shafts like contour feathers, but their vanes are fluffy, not ...


To do these things, the body must be light in weight and very strong. ... many ways in which an eagle's body combines low weight with high strength. ... A Bald eagle has more than 7 thousand feathers, but all of them put together ... "Blue Feathers" Secondary feathers can be moved down to increase drag, or up to reduce it.


A typical contour feather consists of a central rachis or shaft and pennaceous barbs ... have hooks linking the barbs together to increase strength and protection. ... It is theorised that weavers would communicate information through the use of ...


For details the reader should consult Lucas and Stettenheim (1972). ... is formed but together with keratin it functions to give mechanical strength ... is a progressive increase and coalescence of lipid droplets from the basal .... hook onto the proximal barbules. ... refers mainly to rows of small contour feathers on the wings,.