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What is HEET® brand? How does it work? HEET® brand contains a special fuel additive and methanol. When HEET® brand is added to the gas tank, it sinks to ...


Do I Need Antifreeze In My New Car's Gas Tank? ... Gold Eagle HEET Gas-Line Antifreeze and Water remover prevents gas line freeze up and removes water ...


Jan 27, 2016 ... The best way to rid your fuel of water is with gas-line antifreeze. ... In 2003, he began writing tech articles for magazines, and has been working ...

Aug 2, 2012 ... Learn more about HEET Gas-Line Antifreeze http://www.goldeagle.com/product/ heet-gas-line-antifreeze-water-remover Extreme temperatures are tough on your fuel... ... Do fuel system cleaners actually work? Testing Gumout ...


Jan 3, 2016 ... Water does collect in gas tanks and fuel lines from moisture in the air or ... Gas- line antifreeze isn't expensive and probably can't hurt, but if you ... and guarantees pricing, warranty, and certified technicians to work on your car.


Dec 8, 1985 ... Feeding your car or truck a steady diet of gas line antifreeze works ... ``The worse thing you can do is start the car and let it sit and idle for 10 ...


Dec 24, 2008 ... Q Isn't using a gas line antifreeze these days ridiculous? All our ... What possible good would adding an additional 12 ounces of alcohol do?


Fuel Injection Gas Line Antifreeze is an ethanol based product and does not contain methanol. It is recommended for cars with fuel injection systems and is also ...


Certified Gas Line Anti-freeze prevents fuel lines from freezing Improves cold starting during winter.


Jan 20, 2011 ... ... to 10% ethanol, is it still necessary to add fuel line antifreeze/dry gas (which ... even tho I do often let my tank run to a 1/4 or so before refilling.