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An animal is “pregnant” when it has one or more babies developing inside its uterus. Because female goldfish lay eggs, rather than having live young develop  ...

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Goldfish in ponds usually rely on the spring weather to tell them when to spawn. When the temperatures rise, the fish begin getting interested in spawning.

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Goldfish don't get "pregnant" per se - the female will begin to look round when she is producing eggs. You will also need a male goldfish present, who will ...

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I have a gold fancy fantail that is a female and is pregnant by a black moor. How long does she stay pregnant? Also do I need to go ahead and seperate her into ...

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Jul 28, 2009 ... How do i know if it's pregnant? How long should i wait to see if it lays eggs? What should i do if my fish grows wider, but doesn't lay any eggs?

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Dec 28, 2010 ... +MusicVEVО That is a hamanishiki goldfish! Almost a cross between a oranda and a pearlscale, sort of a rare fish in the market. But your right ...
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Jun 3, 2009 ... A goldfish is pregnant when the abdominal cavity is swollen, after which the female goldfish lays the eggs and the male goldfish fertilizes the ...

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Apr 1, 2008 ... The ones in the house are 2″ long and the ones in the livestock tank are ..... I did not know that goldfish was pregnant and when it laid eggs i ...

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Goldfish actually don't become pregnant like most people always think they do. The fact is, just like any egg-laying fish species, goldfish actually breed and ...

Is my goldfish pregnant or sick!!! it got HUGE in 2-3 days ...


Aug 4, 2008 ... Is my goldfish pregnant or sick!!! it got HUGE in 2-3 days! maslow ... Is it pregnant ? .... 2goldfish in a 10 gallon tank is not going to last long.

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Q: How long are goldfish pregnant?
A: Goldfish do not get pregnant, they lay eggs. Read More »
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Q: How long are goldfish pegrant for?
A: Well, goldfish aren't pregnant. They lay eggs. They carry the eggs for a week or two before dropping them, and then the eggs are fertilized by the male, and wil... Read More »
Source: uk.answers.yahoo.com
Q: How long are goldfish pregnant?
A: Goldfish do not get pregnant - they lay eggs. They can hold their eggs for absolute ages - then when a male is present and the water temperature right, she will... Read More »
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Q: How long are goldfish pregnant for?
A: When using this website please use common sense. The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for p... Read More »
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Q: How long are goldfish pregnant?
A: Goldfish can not be pregnant. They lay eggs in Spring time and the eggs are fertilised outside their bodies. Read More »
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