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Outsourcing to China Cost U.S. 3.2 Million Jobs Since 2001 | US News


Dec 11, 2014 ... Jobs outsourced to China have diminished American employment ... billion, or by $21.8 billion on average per year over that time period.

5 Facts About Overseas Outsourcing | Center for American Progress


Jul 9, 2012 ... To them it is all about the overseas outsourcing of jobs. ... The tendency among many U.S., Japanese and Western European firms to send both ... to 11.5 workers in December 2009, a drop of 8 million workers over 30 years.

Facts and Figures on Outsourcing - Jobs & Careers - LoveToKnow


With all of the controversy about outsourcing, it can be helpful to look at facts and ... people want to know is how many U.S. jobs have been lost to outsourcing? According to Techsunite.org, over 500,000 jobs have been outsourced since the year ... A weak dollar means hiring American employees becomes cheaper, which ...

The Offshore Outsourcing of American Jobs: A Greater Threat Than ...


Mar 13, 2016 ... The Offshore Outsourcing of American Jobs: A Greater Threat Than Terrorism ... despite the enormity of the stakes for all Americans, a state of denial exists ... Many former manufacturing workers who were displaced a decade ...

States that have lost the most jobs to China - NBC News


Sep 16, 2012 ... As a result, many of the states that lost the most jobs have ... China's ability to take jobs from the U.S. stretches across nearly every aspect of the American economy. ... was less compared to the four years before and after he was in office . ... Nike has received substantial criticism over its outsourcing to Chin...

China Trade, Outsourcing and Jobs | Alliance for American ...


Dec 3, 2014 ... Every state and congressional district but one has lost net job opportunities ... why so many American manufacturing jobs have moved to China.

Report: Offshoring and outsourcing a mixed bag for American jobs ...


Feb 18, 2014 ... Report: Offshoring and outsourcing a mixed bag for American jobs, wages ... for domestic outsourcing and international sourcing in the study year (2010) was, on average ... Without solid numbers, many have assumed that most of the offshored jobs go to .... Copyright © 2016 UC Regents; all rights reserved.

Outsourcing Statistics: 23 Facts and Trends - CreditDonkey


Aug 20, 2015 ... How many jobs are outsourced by the U.S. each year? ... of the economic crisis, 86% of Americans said they felt that losing jobs overseas only ...

Outsourcing for Dummies (Including the Willfully Ignorant) - Forbes


Jul 11, 2012 ... Many more jobs have been lost to the adoption of more productive ... to note that 5.3 million Americans work for U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies (jobs ... which was nearly quadruple the value of all U.S. exports that year.

CHART: Top 'U.S.' Corporations Outsourced More Than 2.4 Million ...


Apr 19, 2011 ... In fact, in 2009, representatives of many of the nation's most powerful ... Unfortunately, for some of these companies, sending American jobs ...

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China Trade, Outsourcing and Jobs: Growing U.S. trade deficit with ...


Dec 11, 2014 ... As a result, many of the hardest-hit congressional districts were in ... The growing trade deficit with China has cost jobs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. .... Exports to China “now support hundreds of thousands of American jobs,” .... On average, 287,000 jobs per year have been lost or displaced .....

Job Overseas Outsourcing Statistics – Statistic Brain


Job Outsourcing Statistics Data Total number of U.S. jobs outsourced in 2015 2382000 ... top country for outsourcing ? how many companies are outsourcing jobs to india ? ... Watch This Video for the TruthProbiotic America Supplement. Undo.

The Future of Outsourcing - Impact on Jobs - keynote speaker


More than 230,000 jobs are lost each year in America as a result of outsourcing - but many economists believe that a similar number of new jobs are being ...