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The United States House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the United States .... Many elements of the Contract did not pass Congress, were vetoed by President Bill Clinton, or were substant...

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What are the qualifications to run for office in the House of Representatives and Senate? ... How many members of Congress come from each state? Each state ...

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Dec 21, 2016 ... Clause 1 : The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members ... Delegates are able to perform many of the functions of a full ...

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As per the Constitution, the U.S. House of Representatives makes and passes federal laws. The House is one of Congress's two chambers (the other is the U.S.  ...

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Jan 11, 2017 ... United States House of Representatives elections, 2016 ... A total of 380 of the 393 House incumbents seeking re-election won, resulting in an ...

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The United States Congress has an upper chamber called the Senate and a lower chamber called the House of Representatives (or “House” for short) which  ...

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May 7, 2011 ... The number of members in the House of Representatives is a ... In many states the legislatures create the redistricting plans themselves.

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The House of Representatives is a diverse body of individuals. ... The House of Representatives was established as a result of the Great Compromise.

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Oklahoma House of Representative Legislature's Website where you can follow the introduction of measures, voting on the measures, and final passage of ...

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House News from State House of Representatives.