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Each American consumes, on average, 53 pounds of bread per year. ... and dinner, it would take 168 days to eat the amount of bread produced from one bushel ...

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Oct 5, 2013 ... Do the British eat more bread than the French? How much bread ends up in the bin? Every baking fact you've ... Our annual release of food statistics includes a specific price comparison to France. For most groups (except ...

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564 new products ... Bread is a staple food in the diets of many American consumers, ... Annual, per- capita consumption of bread at home or carried from home by ...

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Bread and cereals provide energy, vitamin B, iron and fibre. ... In the UK we eat an average of nearly 6kg of cereal per person per year. This is twice as much as Denmark (3kg), three times as much as Belgium (2kg) and six times as much as ...

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Kansas produces enough wheat each year to bake 36 billion loaves of bread and ... If you eat pasta three times a week, it would take 70 weeks to eat all the ...

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Each of these elements plays an important role in the overall baking process, and ... The baker's knowledge of the specific flour's profile dictates how much water to ... Grains were mashed with water or milk and were eaten either raw or cooked, ... The first leavened breads were invented nearly seven thousand years after ....

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Jun 11, 2015 ... The number of servings of grain that you need per day depends on your age, gender and level of physical activity. ... Is Bread Healthy to Eat?

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above average annual consumption in ... much of the increase in meat consump- ... In 2000, Americans consumed an average 57 pounds more meat than they did annually in the 1950s, and a third .... sumers, such as butter on bread, as well.

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Oct 21, 2014 ... 98% of the French population eat bread and for 83% this is every day. They munch through 130g of bread a day or 58 kg a year! Bread is ... As I just mentioned, baguettes don't last so many people buy fresh for every meal.

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Approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. each year. ... Basic pizza most likely began in prehistoric times, with bread cooked on flat, hot stones. Roughly ...

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Each year 99 bread products are purchased per household. ... Therefore, eating bread can help consumers to meet their daily requirements for many nutrients, ...

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UK flour consumption reached 74kg per person per year in 2008/9. ... Approximately 75% of the bread we eat is white and sandwiches are thought to account for ...

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Dec 31, 2011 ... This is an estimate of how much — by weight — the average ... While the amount of fruit we eat — about 273 pounds per person — may seem ...