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How to Deposit Your Coins for Free at Coinstar - Debt Roundup


Unfortunately, it costs money. ... I hate how it's so much of a pain to deposit or exchange real legal tender. ... Yes, when you use a Coinstar machine and want to get cash for your coins, ... Coinstar does give you the ability to bypass their fee.

Coinstar - Walmart.com


Simply pour your coins in the machine, get your cash voucher, and cash it in at the checkout or use it for your Walmart purchase. Be sure to check your voucher ...

Unethically Hack Coinstar To Bypass 9% Fee - Gizmodo


Feb 20, 2007 ... All you have to do is put in your money and select an iTunes gift card. Then, when it asks you how much you want in cash and how much in the card, put it all in the card. After that ... The ultimate guide to hacking a CoinStar machine [ Antiyawn via Gearfuse - Thanks Andrew!] .... Rates hit 2.65% APR (15 yr).

CoinStar is a Rip-Off - Consumerism Commentary


Mar 14, 2011 ... Many of these coin sorting machines are prone to error, too. ..... Or would it make sense to use coinstar and get the gift card? ... I do think 9.8% is too steep a price to pay for a service with many less expensive (in terms of ...

How Coinstar gets away with not charging a transaction fee


Mar 6, 2012 ... I first heard about Coinstar 6 years ago in a TV advertisement and ... I knew I had at least *200 pennies and had no patience to do the counting. I decided to swallow my pride and go to a nearby Safeway grocery store and use Coinstar. ... are something ATM machines should adopt to also have No Fees.

How to Cash in Your Change For Free with a CoinStar Machine ...


Mar 31, 2013 ... I'm sure you've seen CoinStar machines at your local grocery store and some of you may already use their services, ... So that pretty much leaves me with only two options: let my change .... So would you rather spend 30 minutes rolling up $50 worth of coins(btw what is the cost for the rolls, are those free?) ...

Coinstar Exchange Kiosks Take Your Unused Gift Cards for Cash


May 8, 2014 ... Got a stack of unused gift cards you're sick of keeping track of? Coinstar's new " Coinstar Exchange" kiosks will give you cash for them.

Use Coinstar To Cash-in Your Loose Change... Finally, NO Fees!


We're talking pre-paid gift cards (for use at popular department stores ... And it doesn't cost you a thing! ... Coinstar coins-to-cash machines keep 8.9% of all the loose change you cash in for ... I like to help people find unique ways to do things in order to save time ... There are many better ways of getting rid of your cha...

How much does CoinStar generally cost to use? | Reference.com


CoinStar machines take a 10.9 percent cut from any coins turned into cash. As of 2015, CoinStar machines also accept gift cards for cash for up to 15 percent of ...

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Avoid Getting Shortchanged at Coinstar | MyBankTracker


May 31, 2016 ... Taking your loose change to a coin counter machine is an easy way to ... You'd have to guess how much change you have accumulated to calculate the Coinstar fee. ... right off the top, so why do people use these machines in the first place? ... which means part of the cost gets passed on to the customer.

Petty or Not? Karen's $2.94 Coinstar Complaint – Consumerist


Sep 19, 2006 ... Karen emptied a sock filled with $33.04 in coins down the steel throat of a Coinstar machine. Coinstar allows her to funnel the change into an ...