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How Many Grams in a Dime Bag? Here's where ... With that said, it does not have to actually be a mini ziplock to be a dime bag. ... How Much Does Weed Cost?


I always used to think that a dime bag was a $10 bag of weed. ... or prices over the phone so they would use the slang “Dime, as in: Hey Joe, wasup, do you have a dime. .... So a gram costs $20 so they just changed it to "dub".


in Texas, a standard dime was usually about 4 grams of what is termed reggie. in environments ... If you had to sell three grams of marijuana for $80, how would you do it? ... A gram of Marijuana usually costs about 20 dollars, a "dub sack.


a nickle is always 5 dollars and a dime is allways 10 the only difference is how much is in the dime or nickle in a nickle it is average for there to be ...


'Dime Bag' is a general term for $10 worth of weed. Back in the day, a Quarter Ounce (7 Grams) only cost $10. An eighth cost $5, thus the terms, nickel bag and  ...


It is my first time buying weed and buying a dime bag off of my friend of fairly ... you can do about getting ripped off except not accepting the bag.


May 29, 2009 ... Some people also use dime to denote a $10 sack, which would ... I would say go out and ask your dealer how much it would cost, not the ...


hey guys i was just wondering when u buy a dime bag of bud what is ... This is assuming you are paying the same rate for a dime bag that you do for an 8th. ... but a $10 bag of regular weed, weighs 2 grams not 1. it costs more ...


or “How much does a dime cost?” Some dealers ... If this happens, ask the dealer how much is in the bag and either weigh it or ask him to (if you can). If you are ...


how much does dime bags,? 20 sacks? half oz? and Oz weight out to?