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The serving of alcohol in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is governed by the Alcoholic ... Individuals can transport alcohol without a license, up to but not exceeding, ... for a guest who causes injury to others if it is proved that the host knew or should ... By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


An open container, or even a sealed container of alcohol can result in serious penalties. ... We'll look at how the open container laws work, the penalties they carry, and how to ... The container laws themselves are also much stricter if you're under the age of 21. ... Can you get a DUI on prescription or over the counter drugs?


To have alcohol in their possession at any time, regardless of ... To possess or transport an unopened alcohol container in a ... If you are under 21, you can get an MIP if you are just holding an ... that might happen to a minor who has been.


P.A. provides high-quality legal services in Transporting Alcohol Defense and ... any minor under the age of 21 from transporting alcohol in a motor vehicle or boat ... store for groceries and transporting unopened alcohol is currently against the law. ... Although you may think the charges are no big deal, your criminal history ...


Oct 22, 2003 ... Minors must be at least 15 years old to work in a grocery store that sells beer ... Liquor sellers can get permission to hold an “all-ages” event, also known .... For this purpose, the law defines “keg” as a brewery-sealed ... HB 6693 died in the Transportation Committee, and House D to HB 5810 was defeated.


Sep 30, 2015 ... Drivers in California often have questions regarding alcohol and ... the law does permit drivers who are 21 or over to have sealed alcoholic ...


You can not get out of a possession of alcohol charge by setting the can down ... of alcohol by a minor the State must show that you are under 21 and that you had .... Attention under-age spring-breakers: even if you are given a ticket for a ... or at a table and there is an unopened container of alcohol you may have a defense.


Underage Drinking Penalties and Alcohol Possession Laws ... in an automobile by an individual under the age of 21: Transporting alcohol is illegal, and anyone in ... To obtain driving relief, you MUST be 18+ years old, serve 30 days of “hard”  ...


You must be 21 before you can buy or drink alcoholic beverages. ... the age on yours to show that you are over 21, you are breaking the law. ... public place; or carry alcohol in a car; or be a passenger in a car carrying alcohol unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, even if the container is sealed and in the trunk.


Minors Purchasing & Transporting Alcohol - Boston, Massachusetts Minor in Possession of Alcohol Lawyer. ... If you are under the age of 21 and have been charged with a crime relating ... Minors violating this provision must pay a fine of $300.