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Jun 22, 2012 ... get margarine spread it over the top with a spatula grab scrapper scrap the top gunk off squeege the surface reapply margarine grab grill brick ...
May 16, 2016 ... Thank you that helps! Can't wait for your next video. One last questionđŸ¤”I think lol after I season it till I get tired, then it's ready to cook on, right?
Dec 4, 2015 ... Thanks for the reminder, it was oddly comforting. I cooked in a chain breakfast restaurant for years, but I couldn't support a family on the wages.


Okay so I work for a thriving independent restaurant that has been growing in sales like crazy. We have gotten to the point where we are so ...


Aug 24, 2016 ... How To REALLY Clean Your Flat Top Griddle Or Plancha ... for example, should never be subjected to abrasives like grill bricks or screens.


Sep 12, 2017 ... If you already know how to clean a commercial grill, then it'll be even easier ... prefer using a chrome top griddle due to its greater heat retention qualities. ... When selecting the best flat griddle, also known as a flat grill, for your ...


Oct 4, 2013 ... How to clean, polish and season a commercial griddle. ... Vinegar; Rag. It usually takes 5-10 minutes to properly clean a grill. ... Your instructions for how to clean a flat top grill with the pumice stone was just what I needed.


Jul 21, 2016 ... Now use regular cooking oil and the grill stone to scrub your griddle surface. You' ll ... Once your griddle top is clean it's time to season it.


Flat grills consist of two main types. Stainless steel units use gas or electricity as the heat source, while cast-iron versions sit on top of heat sources, usually in ...