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Jan 15, 2014 ... In order to vacate a judgment in California, You must file a motion with the court ... years from the date the judgment was entered against you to make the motion. ... For example, do not make payments unless you have a clear ...

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Mar 29, 2013 ... She repaid the collector after a judgment was placed against her, but the judgment ... First, you need to have the judgment legally removed.

How Long Does a Judgement Stay on Your Credit Report and How ...


Sep 9, 2014 ... If you have a judgment filed against you, the “winner” of the ... action lawsuit has been filed against some of the credit bureaus for not removing ...

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May 10, 2013 ... Before a creditor gets a judgment against you, it must typically serve you ... you can discharge some or all of it (erase it) by filing for bankruptcy.

Can a Judgment Be Removed From My Credit Report?


Missed court date so the collector received a default judgement against me. ... 30 days after you miss a payment to a creditor, like a credit card bill, you should ... Just be sure that any agreement to pay includes in clear terms that upon receipt of ...

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Oct 13, 2014 ... This means that a court has found against you and your debt is a matter of ... at Lexington Law, is a little more bullish on removing judgments.

How to Get a Judgment Removed From Your Credit Report


The credit agencies will remove the judgment from your credit report if you can ... If you realize that a judgment has been fairly made against you, but you pay it ...

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They say there is no judgment against me. How can I go about removing this as it's preventing me from finding new housing because it doesn't show “dismissed”  ...

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Nov 1, 2014 ... Dear Experian, I had a judgment filed against me in June of 2010. ... If the court has not yet been notified that the debt was paid, you will need to ...

How to Remove a Paid Judgment from Your Credit Report


Oct 28, 2015 ... Two Parts:Removing A Satisfied JudgmentAddressing A Vacated ... court judgments that have been entered against you for debts owed and ...

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How to Remove a Judgment From Your Credit Report


Jan 30, 2016 ... So you can see why removing a judgment from your report is a pretty ... not attend the hearing, a default judgment was rendered against you.

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Removing a judgment from your credit reports; Dismissing/disputing a judgment ... By placing a judgment against you the creditor can continue to monitor your ...

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Jan 25, 2012 ... In order to get a judgment against you, the creditor or collector must take you to court. ..... I am not clear what you are trying to accomplish here.