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A road rally is a car rally that takes place on the public road. It is a popular sport in the United ... This was a time set for the section, that, if achieved, would result in no time .... Road ral...

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Jul 10, 2010 ... I've participated in three different Road Rallies and they are a blast. ... banquet tables set up in her backyard for a traditional Texas BBQ.

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Two people (a driver and a navigator) in ordinary cars make up a rally team. A RoadRally is traversed over public roads within the legal speed limit.

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How to Organize a Fun Adult Scavenger Hunt Road Rally ..... Here's a quick look at setup, rules, and tips from hayneedle.com to help get your first game going.

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Jan 13, 2010 ... Ideas to build on for the Road Rally in your town are best coming from you, obviously. Here's the ones I came up with years ago for one we did:.

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May 23, 2008 ... Only the catch was that at each location we had people set up to look like they were in need of assistance, to see if the youth would stop and ...

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Up to What is a Road Rally -- Up to [Home] ... There We Were on our first road rally. ... We set out on the rally course not caring that it was a heavily trapped ...

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A Car Rally is a fantastic fundraising event that can raise significant funds for your ... stopping at country towns and including dressed up cars that can help attract ... The idea of this event is a set course to navigate over a day with tasks to be ...

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It also features descriptions of skill, puzzle, cruise and photo gimmick road rallyes . ... In gimmick road rallying, you get a set of rules, (termed General Instructions), which lay ... Creative thinking on the part of rallymasters devise all sorts of traps ... where you drive to solve a murder mystery by picking up clues along the way.

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Two road games that are generally considered party games, group activities, even team-building ... I organized a fun car rally/scavenger hunt for the staff at work. ... Setting up a scavenger hunt can be just as much fun as participating in one!

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A guide for the rallymaster, setting up the whole program. ... IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are planning a rally for qualification under the JCNA Rally ... in fact no longer be so, for reasons ranging from road construction to housing developments.

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Scenic Road Rallies engages the automobile enthusiast's interest in the lost art ... We can also setup a private road rally for your family or class reunion, church ...

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A road rally is nothing more than an adult scavenger hunt using cars. ... It is wise to set this up with the business owner in advance, but it is a fun thing for all.