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A hydrothermal vent is a fissure in a planet's surface from which geothermally heated water issues. Hydrothermal vents are commonly found near volcanically ...


Hydrothermal vents are the result of sea water percolating down through fissures in the ocean crust in the vicinity of spreading centers or subduction zones.


What are Hydrothermal Vents? In 1977, scientists made a stunning discovery on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean: vents pouring hot, mineral-rich fluids from ...


One of the strangest ecosystems on Earth lies deep under the ocean.


The Microbes That Keep Hydrothermal Vents Pumping. Riftia tubeworm (Riftia pachyptila) colonies near hot spring. These tubeworm colonies grow where hot, ...


Mar 21, 2013 ... Explore how the 1977 discovery of hydrothermal vent ecosystems in the deep ocean shocked scientists and redefined our understanding of the ...


May 31, 2016 ... Forty years since the discovery of hydrothermal vents in the deep ocean, a new review in Frontiers in Marine Science out last week describes ...


Deep hydrothermal vents are located in areas with high tectonic activity, including the edges of tectonic plates, undersea mountain ranges and seamounts, and ...

Aug 25, 2008 ... Bill Nye discusses the discovery of hydrothermal vents on the ocean's floor.