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Although there is no way to fully prevent a lawsuit after an automobile accident, there are several important strategies for minimizing the chance of legal action. The most importa...

Top 10 Tips if You Have Been Sued for Causing a Car Accident ...


An accident attorney who specializes in motorcycle law will be your best… Next → ... Top 10 Tips if You Have Been Sued for Causing a Car Accident. Share.

What Your Car Insurance Policy Will Do for You During a Lawsuit


Car insurance lawsuit coverage will help you through the process of being sued after a car accident, but you must be ready to work with your appointed attorney.

I am being sued for an auto accident that is probably my fault. I


Question - I am being sued for an auto accident that is probably my fault. I - LJ. Find the answer to this and other Personal Injury Law questions on JustAnswer.

What To Do If You Are Being Sued After An Accident - Steps To Follow


If you are involved in an auto accident and the other party decides to take legal action and sue you, the first thing you should do is stay calm. Being sued is a ...

Defenses to a Car Accident Injury Claim - AllLaw.com


Following a car accident involving injuries, it's not uncommon for the plaintiff to ... of being sued, you will find being familiar with some of the common defenses in ...

Two years after car accident, I am being sued and it's insurance ...


Jan 11, 2015 ... Yesterday I received a lawsuit in the mail regarding an accident that I was in exactly two years ago. My car insurance company told me this was.

What to Do if You're Being Sued After a Car Accident - PISSD


Nov 19, 2012 ... If you are being sued for your role in an automobile accident, but you are not ... You should then contact your auto insurance company and inform them of the .... I am a Dallas, Texas lawyer who has had the privilege of helping ...

What To Do If You Are Getting Sued For A Car Accident - Phoenix ...


If you find yourself being sued as a result of a car accident, here is some simple advice to get you through the experience.

Can I be sued for my daughter's car accident?


My daughter was involved in a car accident. She didn't have her ... You mentioned you were being sued and your daughter wasn't. If you or your daughter was ...

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Q: I am being sued for an auto accident, I have insurance but do I n...
A: I am not an attorney in Alabama, but I can answer the question generally. Most insurance policies include a duty to defend you if you are sued as a result of th... Read More »
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Q: I am being sued for an auto accident in 't my small claims court ...
A: If you are sued and you have insurance, your insurance company has responsibility to handle the case, in court, they have contracted with you to provide you wit... Read More »
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Q: I am being sued for injuries incured in an auto accident, can the...
A: An unfortunate situation and no easy answer here. Disclaimer: I am not a licensed MI attorney and I urge you to consult one soon. That said, a person's claim fo... Read More »
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Q: How to Protect Yourself From Being Sued for an Auto Accident.
A: Get the Right Insurance. Research the liability coverages required in your state. It is your responsibility to have the minimum amount of insurance coverage req... Read More »
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Q: Being sued after an auto accident, what do I do?
A: Initial demands from claimant attorneys are often crazy high. Remember, the attorney gets a third of this, so of course he'd love a $60k payday for your relativ... Read More »
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