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This ISBN database has 18.4 million unique book titles and 8.9 million cover images in JPEG files. It is the ultimate library books / ISBN database on the entire  ...


Is there an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) database I can use that will allow me to extract bibliographic data for books and import them into a local ...


One agency per country is designated to assign ISBNs for the publishers and self -publishers ... If you need an ISBN database, you have the choice of buying one or collecting free data. Because most book data is available for free, there's not a  ...


Automatically create a personal book database by ISBN. Type or scan ISBN to download author, title, publisher and cover images. Free trial edition.


Apr 25, 2007 ... Description. ISBNdb.com project is a database of books in different languages providing on-line and remote research tools for individuals, ...


This is the LibraryThing founder. We have nothing to offer here, so I hope my .... I purchased this database about 3 weeks ago for a book citation app I'm making. I haven't had any quality problems and virtually any book I ...


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With 150 regional or national registration agencies, ISBN is used in more than ... the National Book Council for Malta has released its ISBN database online and ...