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Hydra /ˈhaɪdrə/ is a genus of small, fresh-water animals of the phylum Cnidaria and class Hydrozoa, native to the ... Many members of the Hydrozoa go through a body change from a poly...



Like many cnidarians, hydrozoans have both polyp and medusa stages in their life cycle. ..... Hydrozoans are common members of "fouling communities" -- the benthic organisms that naturally attach to hard substrates, and ..... Class Hydrozoa.

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Learn more about class cubozoa and class hydrozoa in the Boundless open textbook. ... are true polymorphs and can be found as colonial or solitary organisms.

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The Cnidaria (pronounced nidaria)as a group of animals are well known to .... of Cnidarians divided between 3 classes Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa and Anthozoa.

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Jan 25, 2013 ... The vast majority of animals that live in the ocean also fall into this ... biomolecular techniques to identify signature sequences in the DNA of ... Five sponges beloning to the class Dermospongia: A. Halichodria melanodocia; B. a member of .... Hydrozoans are a complex and diverse group of mostly marine ...

Chapter 3: Phylum Cnidaria

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coelenteron) of the organism. The flagella ... of the class Hydrozoa, and instead the jellyfish Gonionemus (Fig. ..... Be able to identify the organism and know it is.

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It includes aquatic organisms such as jellyfish, sea anemones, corals, and hydras . Most cnidarians are ... Cnidarians are divided into three major classes. ... The best-known member of the Hydrozoa is the hydra, a freshwater species. However  ...

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Cnidarians are said to be the simplest organisms at the tissue grade of ... Most members of the class Hydrozoa, known as hydroids, are small in size and are ...

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Dec 11, 2015 ... This hydrostatic pressure allows the animals to hold their shape without bones or ... The class Hydrozoa contains species that include the siphonophores and hydroids. ... Members of the class Scyphozoa (true jellyfish) and Cubozoa (box ... Identify specific structural features of cnidarians and their functions.

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Class: Hydrozoa ... However, this animal is a floating hydrozoan colony, made up of four polyp types: ... The floats include a mechanism that controls the gas to regulate the depth of the organism, which in the case of men-of-war keeps them on ...