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Feb 11, 2013 ... Determine the force necessary for impending motion up the plane.
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b) Impending motion is the moment where the body is on the verge of slipping. Static friction force reaches the max value. For a given pair of mating surfaces,.


This equation only gives the force of friction when motion is impending. If motion is not impending, then the friction force, fs, will be less than the maximum, or.


Next it says you can only consider that if there is impending motion. Then it says with no apparent impending motion, you can't use this.


The coefficient of friction between the wedge and the other surfaces is ms = 0.25. Determine. the horizontal force P required for impending motion. Neglect the ...


I'm pretty sure it means the motion or movement that is going to happen. So, if you apply force in a direction to a box, the impending motion will be sliding or ...