Music of India
The music of India includes multiple varieties of folk music, pop, and Indian classical music. India's classical music tradition, including Hindustani music and  ... More »

Indian Music - Cultural India - Culture of India

This is a brief description of Indian music, containing information on music in India, Indian music styles and Indian music history.

A Brief History of Indian Music -

Indian classical music is based on the ragas ("colors"), which are scales and melodies that provide the foundation for a performance. Unlike western classical  ...

ARTSEDGE: The Music of India

This 3-part audio series, hosted by PBS journalist Hari Sreenivasan, explores different aspects of Indian music: Indian musical instruments; the styles of music ...

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Music of India

A secondary school revision resource for GCSE Music about world music and the music of India.

History of Indian Music | Artists Pages

India's musical history dates back to the prehistoric times and is in fact regarded as one of the oldest in the world. Most experts claim that the origins of Indian ...

Information on the whole range of Indian Musical Instruments

INDIAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. To get a larger picture and further details of the instruments please click at the thumbnails ...

Overview of Indian Classical Music - Chandrakantha

Feb 5, 2012 ... This is a hypertext introduction to Indian music. The larger series of pages covers history, technique, and the practice of Indian music with a ...

Indian Heritage - Music

In India, there is a vast profusion of folk music which varies according to locality. Though folk ... Information from Musings on Music, a publication by Shri S.Rajam

Musical Instruments of the Indian Subcontinent | Thematic Essay ...

The music of the Indian subcontinent is usually divided into two major traditions of classical music: Hindustani music of Northern India and Karnatak music of ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Information on Indian Pop music?
A: Xandria-India!… Read More »
Q: How to Download Indian Music.
A: Things You'll Need. computer. Instructions. Go to a website which contains Indian music. Such sites include and Radio Sri Chinmoy. You can download m... Read More »
Q: What Kind of Music Is Played at an Indian Wedding?
A: Ceremonial Music. Ceremonial Indian music is played during the Indian wedding's many stages, such as the sagaai, or engagement ceremony; the ladies sangeet, or ... Read More »
Q: What is a raga in Indian music?
A: An_Indian_raga,is_the_melody,that_is_played_with_the_chords.For_example:A_and_D. " An Indian raga, is the melody, that is played with the chords. For example: A... Read More »
Q: How old is indian music?
A: There are many website which you could read on and if u want to research on indian music and pick which one you want to research Listen to best quality Indian s... Read More »