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Native American Homes: Wigwams, Longhouses, Tepees, Lodges ...


Pictures and descriptions of different types of Native American Indian homes including wigwams, longhouses, tipis, and adobe houses.

Native American History for Kids: Homes and Dwellings - Ducksters


Kids learn about Native American Indian homes and dwellings in the United States. Teepee, wigwam, longhouse, pueblo, and more.

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Oct 27, 2014 ... A collection of Native American houses sometimes called "Indian homes". These are extremely rare to see today, as most (almost all) Native ...

NATIVE AMERICAN HOUSING - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes


European influence extended beyond what could be found inside the Indians' homes and affected the structures themselves. By the mid-1700's, the custom of ...

Shelter - Sioux Indians


The Sioux Indians used the second choice and made buffalo skin tipis for their shelters. Some of the materials used were poles, stakes; tanned buffalo hide in a  ...

Indian Shelters - The Inquiry Net


Designs Adapted from Indian Models. While the ingenuity of the white man may make improvements upon the wick-ups, arbors, huts, and shelters of the native ...

Homes - Native Americans in Olden Times for Kids


Today, Native Americans live in houses just like yours and mine. But in olden times, they ... Native American Homes in Olden Times. Longhouses · Teepees.

India Shelter Finance


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Structures of the Plains Indians

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The Plains Indians typically lived in one of the most well known shelters, the tepee (also tipi or teepee). The tepee had many purposes, one of which was mobility ...

NATIVE PRE-CONTACT HOUSING: Types, map distribution ...


May 23, 1997 ... something that does not lend itself to toy "tabletop model Indian villages" ... usually ugly fakes -- from houses to costumes to "art" such as paper ...

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Indian Homes


Grade 3 Indian Unit. INDIAN HOMES. Each culture area had their own type of home. Indians used the natural resources around them to make their homes.

Native American Houses for kids *** - Native Indian Tribes


An illustrated guide to Native American Houses and homes of various Indian tribes with pictures and videos. The Native American Houses homes and shelters  ...

Archaic Indian Housing: Brush Shelter | Peoples of Mesa Verde


Archaic houses were simple structures consisting of a framework of branches covered with animal hides, reeds, or brush.