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An industrial piercing may lead to mild to moderate pain or discomfort. Each individual has a different pain threshold, so a piercing that is very painful for one person may not be...

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Jan 3, 2013 ... Has anyone ever had an industrial piercing? how much does it hurt compared to other piercings?

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On my left ear, I have my industrial and 1 lobe piercing. ... this piercing did not hurt at all, i had to get it pierced with 2 separate bars, then have ...

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Industrial Piercing Well when I first decided to get an industrial piercing I made sure I did a lot of research on it, which is always a good thing to do.

I also knew that even though I would eventually like to balance them out a bit, I wanted completely different piercings for my left ear than I have on my right. I had met Kristen and Joe and had gotten a couple of jewelry changes from them, but this was the first time ... More »
By Karen L. Hudson, About.com Guide

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Mar 29, 2014 ... It's not painful so much as a mild, constant annoyance while it heals. As with other piercings, the initial pain is sharp but over in seconds, after ...

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Aug 21, 2009 ... I had my normal cartilage pierced with just a original piercing gun, and my industrial (done with a hollow needle) hurt about 45% less.

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How to Get an Industrial Piercing. Getting a piercing can be a big decision, especially if it's your first one. To prevent complications and infections, it's best to do ...

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May 13, 2015 ... Because the industrial is 2 cartlidge piercings it hurts a bit more than a regular ... Both times the second piercing hurt more than the first, but I ...

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I got my industrial done just over two weeks ago and yes, I realize this ...

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Q: Do industrial piercings hurt?
A: I literally just got mine done less than an hour ago, and with me, the top one didn't hurt at all, it felt just like it does if you dig your nail into it, i was... Read More »
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Q: Does the industrial piercing hurt?
A: It really depends on your pain threshold. For me it was worse than my tongue and navel combined it was painful. But probably not the painfullest piercing in the... Read More »
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Q: Does an industrial piercing hurt?
A: Got my industrial 2 weeks ago and yes it hurts but it's very quick (at least for me it was) and once I left the tattoo parlor, it could barely feel anything. I ... Read More »
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Q: Does an industrial piercing hurt?
A: Yes. They all do. Its not bad and is totally worth it. =] I had mine done when I was in 7th grade. Just make sure if you get it done you keep it well cleaned!! ... Read More »
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Q: Do industrial piercings hurt?
A: im thinking of going to get one tomorow but i a bit scared.. lol im not great with pain, i have on my ears my tragus, helix and snug pierces so far. does the in... Read More »
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