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An industrial piercing (North America), sometimes called the " bar " (UK/IRL), scaffold piercing or construction piercing, is any two pierced holes connected with a ...

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Jan 7, 2014 ... What is an Industrial Piercing? Industrial piercing is referred to those kind of piercings in which two holes are connected with the help of a straight.

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This type of piercing is not an easy to handle. It could be very painful and prone to infections. The best way to avoid any risks, is to follow your piercer's after care  ...

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Jan 28, 2014 ... Piercing the higher portion of the ear, known as the cartilage, is a fashion ... ear, familiarize yourself with the health risks associated with cartilage ear piercings. .... What Is the Difference Between a 14G & a 16G Industrial

I also knew that even though I would eventually like to balance them out a bit, I wanted completely different piercings for my left ear than I have on my right. I had met Kristen and Joe and had gotten a couple of jewelry changes from them, but this was the first time ... More »
By Karen L. Hudson, About.com Guide

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Apr 5, 2014 ... Traditional Industrial Piercing With Straight Industrial Barbell .... washcloth, re-wet it and re-apply it; you don't want to risk introducing bacteria ...

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... and signs you expect? How do you clean and treat industrial piercing infection ? ... Double Tongue Piercings Risks, Price, Rings, Pictures & Healing Time ...

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An infected perforated ear can give rise to Industrial Piercing swelling. The Industrial Piercing bumps are swollen and ...

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Apr 17, 2006 ... Not everyone's anatomy is suited to the popular industrial piercing, and far too many piercers are willing to pierce them anyway. This could potentially result in a shallow industrial placement which- ... Entries related to this risk.

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Bacterial infection is the main risk associated with body piercings. A build-up of pus (abscess) may form around the piercing site. If left untreated, this may need ...

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Q: Industrial piercing risks?
A: You cannot go blind from an industrial piercing. The risks are; collapsed cartilage, infection, keloids, scarring, your body rejecting the piercing, and allergi... Read More »
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Q: What are the risks of industrial piercings.
A: There's a risk for every piercing. Such things as infection, and yada. But, the main thing that happened to my industrial was the I got a bad case of blow out. ... Read More »
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Q: Industrial piercing? are there any risks getting an industrial pi...
A: The risk would be it getting infected due to lack of either not being given good aftercare/no care, or not following instructions. Biggest friend for these is n... Read More »
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Q: What are the risks of getting an industrial piercing?
A: surface piercings can grow out quickly, and if not removed at Read More »
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Q: What are the risk for lip and industrial piercings?
A: the risks for your lip ring depend on how long youe had it in for if its been a lot more than 3 months, there are very few risks because its healed if its been ... Read More »
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