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Starburst is the brand name of a box-shaped, fruit-flavored soft taffy candy manufactured by The ... In the US, Starburst contains non-vegetarian gelatin in its ingredients. The UK 'Opal Fruits'...

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Indulge your taste buds with Staburst fruit candy and the latest satisfying fruit flavors, complete with ingredients information, facts, and history of Starburst fruit ...

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Dec 3, 2015 ... Learn about the ingredients of Starbursts and how they can affect your body.

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Ingredients in original Starburst include corn syrup, sugar, fruit juice from concentrate, and palm kernel and/or palm oil. The chewy candies also contain food ...

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Nov 27, 2014 ... This Buzzle article provides information on ingredients in Starburst candies, and explains how some of the ingredients can be harmful for our ...

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Jun 23, 2015 ... In addition to gelatin, USA Starburst candy contains some other ingredients you may want to steer clear of, such as artificial dyes made from ...

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Starburst candy does not contain pork meat. However, it does contain ... Gelatin is the fourth ingredient on the Starburst candy label. Corn syrup, sugar and ...

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Hi-Chew (ハイチュウ, Haichū) is a Japanese fruit chew sold by Morinaga & Company. ... Hi-Chew's ingredients include: Glucose syrup, Sugar, Hydrogenated Pal...

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Does Starburst candy contain pork? ... What is the Starburst slogan? ... A: The ingredient list for typical store-bought candy corn includes sugar, corn syrup, ...

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