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How to Build a Mousetrap Car. A mousetrap car makes for a great science project , physics classroom experiment, or a fun weekend activity. Mousetrap cars are ...


Screw the four eyelets into the mouse trap along the short sides. ... then hitch it as one normally would setting a mouse trap (see instructions on package I guess). .... science assignment since I otherwise would have no idea how to build one.


Check out these great posts that will show you how to make a mousetrap car!


Learn about physics as you make a mousetrap-powered car in this science project.

Sep 18, 2016 ... these are the basic instructions on how to build a mouse car How to build a mousetrap car Supplyies you will need: 4- 2 ½-3'' balsa wood discs ...


Feb 28, 2017 ... Home Woodworking Plans How to Build a Mousetrap Car ... A mouse trap car makes a fun toy for children of all ages, it a small self-powered ...


Mousetrap cars are one of the most common projects in schools. Here are step- by-step directions to help you build this car, quickly and easily.


A mousetrap car is a fun and easy science project for students. Provided are step -by-step instructions on how to build a mousetrap car. The tips section offers ...


Mousetraps can have more uses than just catching mice. Put the power of a mousetrap to work to make this car run. Be careful not to snap your ... while building and. playing with this car. ... Download instructions. How to Build Your Own ...


marbles, 25 Mouse Trap building parts and accessories, rubber bands,. 52 cheese pieces, die. Take turns b use Trap as you move around the gameboard.