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The continental shelf is an underwater landmass which extends from a continent, resulting in an area of relatively shallow water known as a shelf sea. Much of the shelves were exposed during glacial periods and interglacial periods. The shelf surrounding an island is known as an insular shelf.


Insular shelves are underwater landmasses surrounding islands. They are relatively shallow areas that extend from the low waterline, usually to a depth of about ...


An insular shelf is "The zone surrounding an island extending from the line of permanent immersion to about 100 fathoms (600 ft or 183 m) of ...


The zone surrounding an island extending from the LOW WATER LINE to the depth (usually about 183 m; 100 fathoms) where there is a marked or rather steep ...


May 7, 2010 ... A variety of geological processes contribute to the development of volcanic island shelves, although their relative importance remains unclear.


May 22, 2014 ... morphology of the insular shelves adjacent to each volcanic edifice of Terceira Island in order to improve the understanding of its evolution.


May 12, 2015 ... The insular shelves of the Faial-Pico Ridge (Azores archipelago):. A morphological record of its evolution. R. Quartau1,2, J. Madeira2,3, N. C. ...


Feb 24, 2016 ... Comment on “The insular shelves of the Faial-Pico Ridge (Azores archipelago): A morphological record of its evolution” by Quartau et al.


They are the submerged portions of a continent or offshore island, which slope gently seaward from the low waterline to a point where a substantial break in ...