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Everyone loves lobster. A little butter, a little candlelight, yum! But, have you ever wondered about the secret life of this tasty crustacean? Here are 100 fun facts ...

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15 Facts Lobsters Everywhere Want You to Know ... Lobsters have to shed their shells in order to grow. ... These are live interesting and exciting sea creatures!

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Interesting Lobster Facts: Depending on the species, lobsters vary in size from 0.8 to 3.25 feet in length. Most species are somewhere in between. Lobsters can  ...

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Animal Facts - Lobsters: interesting and fun facts about lobsters.

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Jun 12, 2014 ... Lobsters aren't scavengers; in fact, they feed on a large variety of live things, .... The real fun is that I was making them for Lobster Thermidor As ...

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Jan 6, 2015 ... Here are 10 interesting facts about lobsters. Help us create fresh new content, support us on Patreon: http://bit.ly/WFYgOB ~Social Networks~ ...

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... have fascinating lives. Learn some lobster facts about this iconic marine creature. ... Get Ready for the 2016 Election With Fun Presidential Facts and Profiles.

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But there is much more to know about lobster, in fact, only a very few of all types of lobsters are eaten. There are many interesting facts about the lobsters.

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Lobsters are crustaceans from the family Nephropidae. They are most closely related to crabs, shrimp and barnacles. They have segmented bodies, hard ...

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Jun 15, 2015 ... If there's one thing that any lobster lover knows for sure, it's that this crustacean.

Lobsters comprise a family (Nephropidae, sometimes also Homaridae) of large marine crustaceans. They have long bodies with muscular tails, and live in ... More »
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Aug 27, 2014 ... How common they are and 10 other fascinating lobster facts. ... Bernie Sanders Is In Favor Of A 'Very Interesting' Debate With Donald Trump ... Usually, lobsters that shed their shells are vulnerable and could be eaten by other ...

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In fact, only a few of the hundreds of types of lobster are caught commercially. ... Populations of commercially important lobster species are thought to be ...

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Lobsters pee out of their faces. Find out 10 weird facts about lobsters at HowStuffWorks. ... But the lobster has some unusual habits. Photography by ...