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Lobsters comprise a family (Nephropidae, sometimes also Homaridae) of large marine crustaceans. Lobsters have long bodies with muscular tails, and live in ... More »


Everyone loves lobster. A little butter, a little candlelight, yum! But, have you ever wondered about the secret life of this tasty crustacean? Here are 100 fun facts ...


Aug 27, 2014 ... Earlier this week, a brown-and-orange lobster turned up at Pine Point Fisherman's Co-Op in Scarborough, Maine. Turns out chances of finding ...


Oct 19, 2016 ... In honor of one of our favorite times of year, we thought it appropriate to share some fun facts about this crustacean sensation. 1. Lobsters can ...


Lobsters pee out of their faces. Find out 10 weird facts about lobsters at HowStuffWorks. ... with a glass of white wine! But the lobster has some unusual habits.


Interesting Lobster Facts: Depending on the species, lobsters vary in size from 0.8 to 3.25 feet in length. Most species are somewhere in between. Lobsters can  ...


Feb 22, 2017 ... Looking for some interesting lobster facts for kids? Yes, here we've shared important facts and information about Lobster for your child to know.


In fact, only a few of the hundreds of types of lobster are caught commercially. ... Populations of commercially important lobster species are thought to be ...


Aug 29, 2016 ... Despite their fame as a delicacy, lobsters also have fascinating lives. Learn some lobster facts about this iconic marine creature.


Nov 25, 2014 ... Top 10 facts about lobsters. THE latest food craze is fast-food lobster, with two new lobster bars just opened in London: Lobster Kitchen (111 ...