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28 (twenty-eight) is the natural number following 27 and preceding 29. Contents. [hide] .... sema ritual is called the "Devri kebir", meaning the "Big Circle" and is a reference to above astronomical facts about the year and the Saturn year.


Is 28 your lucky number or birthday? Or is it ... If so read these facts about this special number. ... In Roman Numerals, the number 28 is XXVIII. .... The Fact Site is the number one source for the most interesting & random facts about animals, ...


Your guide to the nunber 28, an even composite number composed of two distinct primes. Mathematical info, fun facts and numerical data for STEM, education ...


Number 28. Interesting facts and information about number twenty-eight (Number 28).


[Archive] Find 28 interesting facts about 28 Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share ... Anyway, just 25 more fun-facts to go for the number 28.


Jun 19, 2013 ... More non-math facts about the number 28: In chemistry, 28 is the atomic number of nickel. In biology, the average human menstrual cycles is ...


Those born with Number 28 possess a deep analytical mind, their rational approach to business is ... These people are very interesting, intelligent and sensitive.


If you know a distinctive fact about a number not listed here, please e-mail me. ..... 275 is the number of partitions of 28 in which no part occurs only once.


In Mathematics It is a composite number, its proper divisors being 1, 2, 4, 7, and 14. Twenty-eight is the second perfect number. As a perfect number, ...


Sep 27, 2001 ... Fun facts about the number 28: - 28 is a perfect number. - There are ... It takes the Moon a little less than 28 Earth days to orbit around the Earth.